Infortrend is a Pure Data Storage solution provider with a history of more than 25 years.

To provide the highest quality products and services, Infortrend has integrated product development, design, production, technical consulting / support and successfully installed more than 600,000 redundant rack-mounted systems worldwide to provide a comprehensive solution to our customers.

Infortrend products includes:

Scale-Out Shared Storage: EonStor CS family

Shared Media Storage: EonStor CS/EonStor GS

Unified Storage (SAN + NAS): EonStor GS family

Commercial NAS for SMB: EonStor GSe Pro family

SAN Storage: EonStor DS family


EonStor CS Family

EonStor CS is a scale-out shared storage solution that allows enterprises to address the sheer volume of data via its scalable capacity and linear-increasing performance. EonStor CS improves data utilization and simplifies data management by integrating data from all nodes into one cluster system. The superior performance and scalability make CS suitable for a wide range of data-intensive industries and applications such as media and entertainment (M&E), high-performance computing (HPC), video surveillance, file sharing, and backup.

EonStor GS Family

EonStor GS is a high availability solution exclusively designed for enterprises, integrating SAN and NAS services as well as Cloud Gateway features to offer enterprises a powerful hybrid cloud environment. It is ideal for the common NAS and SAN infrastructures and enterprise applications (such as database, virtualization, video editing, file sharing, backup, surveillance, and cloud data integration).

EonStor GSe Pro Family

EonStor GSe Pro is a single controller solution with support for SATA and SSD drives exclusively designed for SMBs, integrating SAN and NAS services as well as Cloud Gateway features to be deployed under a general NAS architecture for file sharing, backup, cloud synchronization, video editing, and surveillance purposes. Its complete product line features a hardware design of rackmount or desktop enclosures and flexible host boards to choose from.

EonStor DS Family

EonStor DS is a high availability SAN storage solution designed for enterprises. It is ideal for all SAN environments and enterprise applications (such as database, virtualization, video editing, backup, and surveillance). The whole product line is fast, flexible, and reliable, so that you can find the perfect storage device according to your performance or budget needs.

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