AltaiGate 200

AltaiGate 200



Ease of use is the primary design goal of the AltaiGate 200. An entire Wi-Fi network can be set up quickly via its web-based configuration interface; furthermore, it can be deployed within any layer 2/3 network. The AltaiGate 200 is ideal for enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses that require a robust, secure, and self-optimized Wi-Fi network that can be easily deployed and managed. Altai Super WiFi access points then automatically connects to the AltaiGate. As a result, Wi-Fi network deployment can be done in a truly plug-and-play manner.
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The AltaiGate 200’s powerful hardware allows it to manage up to 200 Altai Super WiFi access points and 4,000 client devices from a single location.

AltaiGate 200 highlights:

  • Best value in price/performance – Support up to 200 APs and 4,000 client devices at an affordable cost
  • Ease of Use – Web-based configuration interface allows Wi-Fi network to be set up quickly; Altai Super WiFi APs can discover the AltaiGate automatically.
  • Smart Access Services – Smart access features like hotspot, guest access, social media login such as Facebook and Google allow quick setup for secured access or easy monetization of hotspot services.
  • Intelligent network security – Easily integrate with any enterprise authentication infrastructure already in place.
  • Advanced RF management – Advanced RF management features including rogue AP detection, auto channel, and TX
    power control.
  • Flexible deployment – Support centralized and distributed forwarding architectures for flexible deployment.