Capture Security Center


Capture Security Center



Capture Security Center is a scalable cloud security management system that’s a built-in and ready to use component of your SonicWall product or service. It features single-sign-on and ‘single-pane-of-glass’ management. It integrates the functionality of the Capture Cloud Platform to deliver robust security management, analytics, and real-time threat intelligence for your entire portfolio of network, email, endpoint, mobile, and cloud security resources. Capture Security Center delivers a valuable team resource to help you control assets and defend your entire network from cyber-threats. Unify and synchronize updates and support, monitor security risks, fulfill regulatory compliance – do everything with greater clarity, precision and speed.
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Capture Security Center (CSC) gives you everything you need for comprehensive management, accessible from a single function-packed interface. It touches everything, including analytics and reporting for network, wireless, email, endpoint and cloud security, Risk Meters and asset management. CSC is a SaaS solution that gives you greater agility with a 360° view of your entire SonicWall security ecosystem. It features functional integration for better efficiency and operational elasticity with a true SPOG interface. Make informed responses to any threat, quickly, in real time (from any location and any web-enabled device) with detailed reporting and powerful analytics.

Manage your entire SonicWall security stack from one place. Identify security gaps and risks with Risk Meters and precise analytics. Respond faster with time-critical threat information and situational insights. Simplify management workflow, reduce misconfigurations and human errors, and easily provision remote firewalls, switches and access points at branch locations using Zero-Touch Deployment.


CSC supports your broader cyber defense strategy because its design conforms with service level requirements for Security Operation Centers (SOCs). It enables unified security governance, compliance and many other risk management strategies, all from one web-enabled app.


Capture Security Center Feature Summary

• SPOG Access to Most Functions
• Multiple Concurrent User Sessions
• Centralized Security and Network Management
• Universal Dashboard
• Firewall Management
• SonicWall Switch Management
• Wireless Management
• Federated Policy Configuration
• Define Policy at the Group Level
• Define Policy at the Group Level
• Policy Replication from Device to a Single or Group of Devices
• Change Order Management and Workflow
• Zero-Touch Deployment
• Zero-Touch Pre-Provisioned Device Configurations
• VPN Deployment and Configuration
• Active-Device Monitoring and Alerting
• Application Visualization and Intelligence
• APIs, CLI and SNMP support
• Capture Client Management
• Cloud App Security Management
• Hosted Email Security Management
• MySonicWall and MyWorkspace
• Risk Meters
• Security Center
• Cloud App Security – Shadow IT
• License Management
• Role Based Management (Users, Groups)
• Backup of Preference Files for Firewall Appliance

• Device monitoring and alerting
• IPFIX Data Flows in Real time
• Active Device Monitoring and Alerting
• SNMP Relay Management
• VPN and Firewall Status Monitoring
• Risk Meters

• Centralized firewall logging
• Syslog- or IPFIX-based reports
• Custom Scheduled PDF reports
• Multi-threat report
• User-centric report
• Application usage report
• Botnet report
• Geo IP report
• MAC Address report
• Capture ATP report
• Rogue Wireless Access Point report
• Cloud App Security (CAS) report
• Capture Client report
• Bandwidth and Services report per interface

• User-based activities
• Application usage
• Cross-product visibility with Capture Client
• Real-Time Dynamic Visualization
• Drill-down and pivoting capabilities