Exos Corvault


Exos Corvault



High Capacity. Small Footprint. Seagate Exos X 2U12 delivers a cost-effective solution for applications that require performance, low latency, and a full enterprise software stack including thin provisioning, auto-tiering, SSD read cache and data protection features. The ideal solution for customers who need high-capacity storage and the utmost in space utilization with modern, high-capacity drives and low power consumption. Save space with up to 12 SSD or HDD drives and dual controllers all in a 2U rackmount enclosure.
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While data creation is growing exponentially, IT teams and budgets are not. That’s why Seagate built CORVAULT. As a set-and-forget solution, customer can store mass data with less human intervention. The system heals itself on the fly, thanks to Seagate Autonomous Drive Regeneration (ADR). That means fewer opportunities for human error and more cost savings.

  • Reduces the environmental impact of computer e-waste as ADR drives are renewed instead of discarded.
  • Dramatically reduces manual drive swaps.
  • Returns most drives to dependable service by reconfiguring the drive to bypass errant components.


Key Specifications:


Rack Height (U) : 4U

Max Capacity Per Chasis : 2120TB (2.120PB)

Max Drives : 106

Expansion : Not supported

Interfaces : SAS

Data Protection Options : ADAPT erasure code, RAID 5, 6

High Availability Features : Redundant hot-swap controllers, drives, fans, power supplies, Dual power cords, Hot standby spare, Automatic failover, Multi-path support

Advances Features : Autonomous Drive Regeneration (ADR)

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