TOAD for Databases

TOAD for Databases



Manage, monitor and move your data with innovative solutions. Our database management and administration tools support a wide variety of platforms, on-premises and in the cloud. Take advantage of unmatched cross-platform expertise and functionality, powerful automation and robust collaboration capabilities that simplify database administration.
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You’re taking on more database administration responsibilities and being asked to move faster than ever before. When these demands are coupled with declining resources, it puts critical databases and applications at risk. What if you could streamline your on-premises and cloud database operations by effectively performing maintenance tasks across all your databases?

Our database administrator tools save time and simplify complexity for DBAs tasked with managing multiple database types. Quest provides industry-leading solutions for database management, performance testing, performance monitoring, sensitive data protection, data movement, automation and collaboration.

Simplify database management

Improve DBA productivity and effectiveness across all your database platforms and make database changes with confidence. Our tools simplify database management across a broad range of platforms, including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and more.

  • Streamlined, efficient workflow
  • Task automation
  • Granular coverage for each database platform
  • Advanced SQL optimization
  • Performance testing
  • Real-time performance diagnostics
  • Sensitive data discovery and protection

Automate repetitive and complex tasks

Focus on high-value activities by automating and scheduling routine or complex tasks, such as schema comparisons, script execution, report creation and distribution – even application code reviews and batch optimization of SQL statements. Ensure database health, performance and security by scheduling more than 200 system health checks.

  • Graphical sequential task builder with scheduling
  • Automated SQL optimization based on re-write technology
  • Automated database health checks
  • Automated schema and data compare & sync
  • Multi-script execution
  • Automated sensitive data search

Database Support

Our database management solution support many database platform.

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