Founded in 2015, Wahana Piranti Teknologi (or Wahana in short) started as a distributor of premium brands IT solutions within Jakarta.  Over the years, through sheer professionalism and a strong focus on customer servicing, Wahana has been entrusted by more and more international and reputable brands that seek to expand their market and outreach throughout  Indonesia. 

Underpinned by its strong local networks and understanding of the Indonesia’s market scene, Wahana has also progressed from just being a product distributor to a one-stop that provides end-to-end service, for its premium brand partners.  Today, Wahana operates throughout Indonesia archipelago through its vast wide network of experience resellers, technical professionals and enterprise IT consultants, in delivering a multitude of premium brands of IT solutions and services.  


We deliver the latest, most reliable and very affordable IT and end-to-end technology solutions for enterprises.


To be Indonesia’s trusted one-stop distributor and system architect for affordable and cutting-edge enterprise IT solutions.

our team

Antonius Sukanto


Anton co-founded WAHANA in 2014 and quickly grew it into INDONESIA most VALUABLE PARTNER for DELL Software in APAC Region. Now WAHANA has also progressed from just being a distributor with a single brand products to a one-stop distributor that provides end-to-end service, for its premium brand partners.

WAHANA now has been entrusted by more and more international and reputable brands that seek to expand their market and outreach throughout Indonesia. Our product contribute many digital transformation initiatives in vertical markets such as Education, Hospitality, Health Care & Villages in Indonesia, also donates software development to worthy causes—recently creating a mobile apps for SMARTCITY that helps Village leader to record a Blood type information from community in the surrounding area for emergency purposes.

Before founding WAHANA, Anton worked as a software developer at Multipolar Corporation, Technical Lead for Oracle Database and SUN Microsystems in Sinar Surya Teknologi, and Business Manager for Oracle SUN Products at Central Data Technology. He received his degree in computer science from Bina Nusantara University and a certified professional for Oracle Database, Oracle Sun Solaris, Symantec Data Loss Prevention, IBM Business Intelligence Implementor. Anton serves on the board of advisors for Ifabula Digital Kreasi, a Leading firm for Outsystem implementors in Indonesia, and Salix Scura Sanctuary, a leading firm for Data Loss Prevention solution provider. In his spare time, he enjoys Reading & Coding, he also a Basketball Fans.



Lenna graduated from Tarumanagara University Jakarta under IT majoring. The majoring which now contributed for more than 15 years of her combined experiences in IT industry. She is now a young entrepreneur who is very passionate to start and groom new business. As the co-founder of Wahana, she started from Day 1 developing strong business partnership with the principals and developing beneficial resellers ecosystem. Her goal is to accelerate growth for all parties she is working with.

During her spare time, she loves to read and cook for the family while setting up her new plan in F&B business.

Rakean Wisnudharma

Head of IT

Basketball lover and technology enthusiast. Over more than 15 years experience having worked in various IT spheres such as Application Development, Database Development & Administration, Server & Storage, Virtualization, Security, Identity and Access Management. With a mathematical & information technology background from Bandung Institute of Technology, combined with related industry-based IT training & certifications, such as Certified Ethical Hacker, Cloudera, ITIL, Oracle Database, Solaris, Identity Management, Data Loss Prevention & Cisco, Rakean is ever ready to discuss & explore new things to help customers solve their IT needs.

Lusius Aditya

Head of Sales

To win a war, you need more than weapons, you need loyal companions to count on. Let's win together. Those are the favorite words of Adit (nickname of Lusius Aditya). Adit has been in the IT market for 10 years and now is responsible for Wahana Product & Channel Team.

If you are looking for a partner to collaborate and develop your IT business with, you need make sure he will be the first ones to contact. His email is adit@wpteknologi.com and he is ready for you.

Ahmad Mujahid Fillah

Network Engineer

Ahmad is a Bachelor of Law which has 3+ years of experience in IT industry, especially in networking area. He is an active person, hard worker & committed to do the best everytime. He is a TP-Link Network Associate & still pursuing other certification to improve his knowledge.

Dananto Suryo Bhawiko

Network Engineer

Dananto graduated from STTI NIIT I-Tech (Jakarta), with a Computer Science degree. In Wahana, Dananto supports work in administration, installation, troubleshooting, pre-sales activities and proposals development for network products. He has attained industry certifications such as Ruijie RCE, Mikrotik MTCNA and MTCTCE. In addition, he has practical experience handling Access Points , CCTV & Network Infrastructure Projects.

Deny Firmansyah

Network Engineer

With more than 7 years of experiences in IT, Deny have involved in many devices implementation like Router, Firewall, Switch, Access Point, Endpoint Security and others. Over the years, Deny also attained several certifications such as Fortinet NSE 4 Network Security Professional, Sophos Certified Engineer and Sophos Certified Architect. Deny is more than ready to provide optimal IT solutions for customers.

Erdin Awaludin

Technical Support

Erdin is a fresh graduate with 5 years of experience in maintaining computer laboratorium, giving him knowledge in server, storage, virtualization & network area. He is a team worker & willing to challenge himself to be better.

Fatullah Donie Sugiana

Network Engineer

Donie has more than 6 years of experience as a network & system engineer, having involved in projects related to access point, network infrastructure, network monitoring, IP CCTV, mail system & directory access. With a strong passion in computer systems & networks, Donie prides in being a meticulous and process-oriented individual. Donie graduated from Sekolah Tinggi Teknik - PLN (Jakarta), majoring in Informatics Engineering. Donie is also a MikroTik Certified Engineer (MTCNA & MTCTCE).

Habibi Hasibuan

Database Engineer

Graduated from Andalas University, Padang, Sumatera Barat, Habibi's passion is working as Database Engineer & Database Solution Consultant. In Wahana, Habibi handles many products especially in Database Monitoring, Management and Replication area. He is also interested in IT Business Application Solution & Infrastructure Solution. With 2 years experience in providing database reporting, monitoring, management & replication solution to several customers, Habibi has also acquired a foundation in client servicing.

Heri Susanto

System Engineer

Heri has 10 years of experience working in the IT industry. He start his career as an IT Support, followed by Network Engineer, System Engineer & Security Engineer. Graduated from National Vocational High School in Depok, majoring in Computer/Network, Heri is a serious & motivated person. His experience in the IT industry has give him great knowledge in network, infrastructure & security products. He is also held IT certifications such as JNCIA & JNCIS-ENT.

Reza Ari Putra

System Engineer

Reza is a System Engineer with more than 10 years of experience. He graduated from PKN LPKIA (Bandung), majoring in Informatics Engineering. His area of expertise is server, storage, virtualization, Active Directory & Cloud.

Sigit Aryanto Pamungkas

System Engineer

Sigit graduated from Vocational High School in Mukomuko (Bengkulu) majoring in Computer & Network Engineering. He is responsible for Wahana's internal IT Infrastructure which encompasses the management, maintenance, developing proof of concept and implementation of Wahana's IT infrastructure. Serving in Wahana is his first job. Sigit's passion and interests lie in virtualization, operating system, servers & storage area. Sigit has completed Ruijie Certified Pre-Sales Training and he is pursuing the relevant industry training to expand his knowledge and advance his skills.

Aldilah Ilham

Admin Sales & Marketing

Aldilah or simply Dilla serves as Admin in Sales & Marketing. Her usual days involve handling all of Wahana's partners' registration, documentation, event organizing, pointing clients to the right product specialist(s). Dilla looks forward to connecting with anyone interested in building partnership, collaborating in events or simply keen to learn more about the range of products and services at WAHANA.

Andreas Tarigan

Channel Account Manager

Andreas (or Andre as known to his friends), handles all Wahana's products, providing end-to-end solutions to customers. He builds close relationships with partners and provides them with relevant and up-to-date solutions for their customers. And because technology is constantly evolving Andres ensures that partners and customers are updated regularly. Andre believes that Information Technology is a leading engine of globalization in our modern world. Don't hesitate to reach out to Andre at andreas@wpteknologi.com.

Dwitya Bagas Prakesha

Channel Account Manager

Dwitya Bagas Prakesha (or you can call him Bagas) is a Channel Account Manager in PT. Wahana Piranti Teknologi, Graduated from Bina Nusantara University - Communication Major, he is passionate to learn something new, friendly, talkative, also like to meet new people and get new experiences. For now, Bagas focused on Ruijie’s product channel, but don’t hesitate to call him if you need help with other products too. Reach him on bagas@wpteknologi.com, then he'll be there for you.


Eunice Priscilla

Channel Account Manager

Eunice Priscilla, serves as a Geo Channel in Wahana. She helps connect and maintain relationships with partners outside Jakarta, especially in eastern Indonesia. As a Geo Channel, she's aiming to give her partners the best solution that will fit their customers needs. Training, product enablement and product update is also one of the program that she will provide to her partners.  Giving her best with the right solutions, the right price and the right effort is her main goals to keep the relationships with partners. So, please feel free to contact her if you have any questions about Wahana's products.

Fauziah Astuti

Channel Account Manager

Fauziah or Zee in short, serves as Wahana's Geo Channel. She helps connect and maintain relationships with partners outside Jakarta, especially in western Indonesia. Her job has taken her to Balikpapan, Medan, Batam, Samarinda & Bandung. And she will be in even many more cities to meet new and existing partners, providing them with the best IT solutions and sharing about Wahana. Don't hesitate to contact Zee if you want to learn more about Wahana's spectrum of products and services.


Product Specialist

Now part of the Product Team, Hartawan handles Ruijie products to the market. He constantly strives to keep partners and users close by updating them and appreciating their unique business needs and requirements. Hartawan is always ready to assist and help when called upon.. You can reach out to Hartawan at hartawan@wpteknologi.com.

Reza Aditya

Product Specialist

Reza is part of Wahana Product Team to handle Ruijie products. As a young energetic person, he is very ready to listen, learn, and of course provide the best solutions for customer's problems and needs. Reza never stops increasing the value of his partnerships, so does his value as a Product Specialist. Don't hesitate to reach out to Reza at rezaaditya@wpteknologi.com.


Senni Cerlina

Channel Account Manager

Senni is part of Wahana's Channel team. She connects with partners and develops Wahana's partnerships around Jakarta as well as provides customers and partners with E-Catalogue. Products she handles include network, security, and database management. No matter big or small the customers' requirement may be, Senni is most happy to hear out and help propose the relevant technical and business solutions to customers and users. In fact, she is just as happy to share her insights on technology. You can reach out to Senni at senni@wpteknologi.com