Is Wi-Fi 6 All-powerful?

In early days of the Wi-Fi era, only indoor APs were available and network connectivity was the sole concern. Users were unsatisfactory with the wireless experience until scenario-based wireless solutions emerged. These solutions boosted development of different types of APs for various industries and application scenarios. However, the scenario-based wireless solutions were far from enough […]

Foglight® Evolve – Take control of your environment, unlock hidden resources and simplify cloud migration

Foglight® Evolve takes a holistic and proactive approach to hybrid cloud management so you can simplify the complexity of your data center, reduce infrastructure costs, maximize system performance, and predict future costs with more accuracy. With Foglight Evolve, you can tackle IT environment complexity, regardless of the complexity of an ever-increasing mix of clouds, hypervisors, […]

Mobile Data Offloading for 3G and LTE Networks

The massive penetration of smartphones and cellular-enabled tablets has led to an exponential growth in mobile data usage, and mobile infrastructure capacity can’t always keep up. As a result, many mobile operators are seeking cost-effective solutions to offloading their mobile data network.WiFi technology is one of the most logical options for addressing this challenge – […]

Do We Still Need Wi-Fi in the 5G Era?

5G has become a global hot spot, but currently mobile phones, notebook computers, and various household devices still connect to Wi-Fi networks. Do we really need Wi-Fi when 5G is to be launched for commercial use? Will 5G take away market shares of Wi-Fi? Can any Wi-Fi feature make Wi-Fi irreplaceable by 5G? Vice general […]

The Digital Brain Project Leads the Digital Transformation of H3C

Data Brief Fruitful results delivered in 200+ transformation-oriented projects 30%–40% increase in the efficiency of key business lines 30% annual rise in empowered business Related Products: information security, cloud computing, big data, IoT and AI Related Solutions: information security, cloud computing, big data, IoT, intelligent connectivity, transportation, manufacturing, the Internet, campus epidemic prevention and control The digital […]

H3C Achieves New Goals with High-end Core Routers

Recently, In China Telecom’s Bid for Centralized Procurement of Core Routing and Switching Equipment (2019), H3C’s CR16000-F high-end router won the Largest share in the bid stage for centralized procurement of multi-service edge (MSE) routers, and the CR19000 series core router is selected as a finalist in the bid stage for centralized procurement of core […]

H3C Drives Market Development in Indonesia for Faster Global Coverage

As industries evolve at an unprecedented speed, the digital economy has played a crucial role in promoting global economic and social development. Seizing the opportunities of the era of digital economy, many countries are actively driving digital transformation. [Jakarta, Indonesia, October 29, 2019], H3C hosted an Indonesian Partner Event with the theme “Digital Navigation, Smart […]

Securing Telecommuters with Expanded Endpoint Visibility and Control

by Suroop Chandran If there is one thing that the ongoing pandemic has taught us, it’s that telecommuting could become the new normal. But IT executives must tread carefully, because expanding the bounds of the enterprise introduces new risks and tends to erode the value of standard protection controls. To ensure continuity and security, organizations need […]

‘Boundless Cybersecurity’ Protects Organizations Mobilizing for the New Business Normal

by Geoff Blaine A new ‘business normal’ has arrived for each and every enterprise, organization, business and government agency. It’s a new work reality where everyone is mobile, everyone is remote and everyone is less secure. This sudden shift has accelerated future technology, communication, networking and cybersecurity plans. The era of the ‘anytime, anywhere business’ is […]