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Over the past decade, WAHANA has grown from a distributorship to an established player in the Indonesian market that delivers premium brands end-to-end IT Solutions. Our clients and partners value us for our professional and personalized support services.


Is Wi-Fi 6 All-powerful?

In early days of the Wi-Fi era, only indoor APs were available and network connectivity was the sole concern. Users were unsatisfactory with the wireless experience until scenario-based wireless solutions...

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Equipped with the latest technical know-how of the hardware, systems and software architecture, our technical team provides technical advice and support, throughout our service value chain.

Our wide and diverse pool of experience channels ensures that clients get professional service, prompt response and accurate information on the latest product innovations and updates.  



With varied enterprise technological solutions to choose from, determining the most apt solution is not a simple matter. Our consultants help clients design bespoke solutions that meet their unique enterprise needs.

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